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As a locksmith in Leipzig, we are experts in quickly opening doors that have fallen shut.
By using special tools, we help our customers quickly and non-destructively.

Fixed price (Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.): 69 euros + 19 euros travel time
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Opening locked doors
Lost key, lock defective etc.

Special expertise is required when opening locked doors.
Here, too, there are non-destructive opening techniques for which we have special tools. We will always prefer these methods when opening doors.

Fixed price (Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.): 89 euros + 19 euros travel time

Locksmith Leipzig: How we can help you

You have locked yourself out

Locked out? Usually it happens out of the blue and in the most unfavorable situation that you need the help of the locksmith Leipzig. The wind has blown the door shut or you were in a hurry and left the key inside. It is possible to open the door yourself, but it is better to have the contact details of a reputable locksmith at hand. The Leipzig locksmith will be happy to help you and make sure that your closed or locked door is opened again quickly and without damage.

Your key is still stuck from the inside


You were just about to leave and pulled the door shut from the outside. But then the shock - the key is still stuck from the inside. Even with the spare key, the lock can not be opened, because the key can not be turned and the lock is blocked. Use the locksmith Leipzig to get back into your apartment with a key stuck inside. The lock professionals will help you to open your door again without any damage. For this purpose, we have high-quality tools, because only then the lock can be unlocked again from the outside.

You have lost your key


A lost key is very annoying in several respects: on the one hand, someone strange could use it to get into your home. The experts at Schlüsseldienst Leipzig will be happy to help you quickly replace your locks and security technology. In addition, a lost key often ensures that you need an emergency door opening. Regardless of whether the lock is locked or not, with the appropriate expertise, the Leipzig emergency locksmith service will succeed in making you forget the lost key within minutes and provide you with access to your rooms again.

Your door has fallen shut

Fallen shut - that's when it happened! The door falls into the lock and now the anger is great. In such a situation it is advisable to stay calm and look for a good solution. A call to the locksmith Leipzig is enough and your door will be open again in a short time. In more than 95% of the cases the opening of a closed door is done without any damage. Years of experience and good tools make it possible. Turn to our specialists with confidence and save our phone number already now as a precaution.

Your key is broken off

Keys can quickly break off and if it happens you should contact the locksmith Leipzig. Especially if you have locked yourself out, you need professional help. Usually this is the only way to get back into your own four walls without damage. It doesn't matter whether the door is just closed or the lock is locked. The experts are able to perform such a door opening. If possible, do not try to open the door yourself, otherwise the lock problem could be aggravated. Then it is even harder to remove the broken key from the lock again.

Door opening with an electric pick

Door openings of all kinds from the locksmith Leipzig

The main task area of the Key service Leipzig are closed doors. Here we distinguish different situations, for example if the key was forgotten in the apartment. Should your key still be in the lock from the inside, this is no problem in terms of door opening. No matter whether apartment or front door - the door opening can be carried out quickly for both normal locks and locking systems.

If a lost key, it is recommended to quickly call our emergency service. Locks of all kinds can be opened competently and inexpensively 24 hours a day by the emergency key service Leipzig. Our fitters will be with you within 30-45 minutes. Through constant training, the specialized employees are always familiar with the latest locking and lock systems and can advise you in this regard on site.

We attach great importance to be quickly on site with you - so do not hesitate to call our unlocking service Leipzig. In a situation where you are dependent on help, trust is a high asset - we are therefore happy to answer all your questions on the phone. In addition, it is important to us that you are helped quickly and at a fair price.

As one of the few locksmiths in Leipzig, we openly communicate our prices for classic door opening in advance. These apply throughout the city - so it doesn't matter whether you need our help in the center, Lindenau, Paunsdorf, Connewitz or Schönefeld.

You can therefore be sure that you do not have to fear any hidden additional charges - they are fixed prices.

Price overview

Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm: 69 Euro
Monday - Friday after 6 pm: 89 Euro
Saturday: 89 Euro
Sunday / Holiday 99 Euro

plus 19 Euro for the journey in the city area of Leipzig

10 % discount for students and trainees

Payment: You have the option to pay in cash or by online bank transfer on site. You will receive an invoice with VAT shown.

That is why you should choose the key service Leipzig

Fast at your place
Within Leipzig we can be at your location in 30-45 minutes.
Fast door opening
If the door is locked, the opening by the locksmith Leipzig takes only a few minutes. With locked doors it is usually about 15 minutes.
Damage-free door opening
In the case of slammed doors, about 95% of openings are non-destructive. For locked doors, it is about 50%.

Even in unusual situations, our competent staff can reopen your door, for example, if the key is still stuck from the inside. Even if your key is broken off in the lock or if the lock cylinder is blocked, you can rely on our help. If you have lost your key, we can also help you.

Trust in the help of the emergency key service Leipzig - we are available and ready for action 24 hours a day. Even on weekends and holidays you can trust our experts to open your door. Call us right away - we will help you competently, quickly and inexpensively.

How to recognize a reputable locksmith service

  • Look at the imprint: If there is an address from another city in the imprint, caution is advised - a reputable contact with the name "Schlüsseldienst Leipzig" should therefore not come from Regensburg.
  • Advertising with "from" prices: Reputable locksmiths never advertise with prices "from 19 euros" or "from 39 euros" - neither on their website nor on the phone. If you are not quoted a fixed price for the door opening on the phone, call another locksmith instead.
  • Call center: Competent key emergency services can give you information about locks and keys of all kinds directly on the phone. Many fraudsters use call centers and arrange the car orders via a fraudulent network that operates throughout Germany. You can find this out relatively quickly - ask, for example, on the phone: "What is the address of your company?", "From which district do you come?", "What is the name of the employee you are sending to me for the door opening?", "What kind of vehicle (color, manufacturer, license plate) does the employee have?"
If you have a bad feeling on the spot, don't sign anything, give the security expert 20 euros for his journey and send him away again. There are enough reputable and competent specialists who will be happy to help you out.

Further information:

>> Stiftung Warentest: How to find a reputable locksmith service
>> How to defend yourself against expensive door openers (

Locksmith Leipzig: customer reviews

"Just had luck again: We were just about to bring our vacation luggage in the car and poof the door was closed and the key was still inside. Fortunately, the emergency key service was already in 20 minutes with us and opened the door within a few seconds. Thank you again, you have saved us the start of the vacations." - Karl F. from Leipzig-Schleußig

"When I called, I was admittedly still skeptical: I had left my key stuck inside and was now standing helplessly in front of my door. To my positive surprise, this service was already with me after 25 minutes and opened the door without any damage and that too at a more than fair price. A big praise to you." - Juliane B. from Markkleeberg

"Although I had already opened our apartment door myself several times, this time I just couldn't do it. So I needed help and, fortunately for me, I came across Schlüsseldienst Leipzig. The expert was here quickly and was able to open the door again in just a few steps. Good tools and the appropriate skills pay off after all." - Marcel Z. from Leipzig-Plagwitz

Locksmith Leipzig: Security technology and burglary protection

We offer the following security technology

  • Installation of armored bolts
  • Design and installation of locking systems
  • Electronic locking systems - e.g. for hotels, offices, production companies
  • Security concepts for companies
  • Door security: lock cylinders, protective fittings, additional door locks
  • Window security: lockable window handles, window locks, hinge locks, window deadbolts

An armored deadbolt provides additional protection for your entrance door. In conjunction with a high-quality locking cylinder, this can provide an enormous improvement in security, especially for wooden doors.

Good security technology provides the basis for a beautiful home and the protection of a successful business. Locking systems Leipzig: We advise you on all aspects of protecting your property and offer you locking systems with a high security standard. Because it is important to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner for the selection and installation.

Electronic locking systems allow a convenient and clear management of access authorizations of your hotel rooms, offices as well as production facilities. Locksmith Leipzig supports you in consulting, conception and installation of your new locking system.

We are specialists in the protection of industrial companies. From hazard analysis to the implementation of suitable protective measures - we offer you a holistic approach. Don't leave the security in your company to chance and involve our external expertise.

Many burglaries occur through inadequately secured windows. High-quality window protections, paired with safety glass and protective films, increase the security of businesses and private households.

Security technology Leipzig: Good protection

We take care of it for you

Do you need a new lock or would you like to have your old door locks replaced?

We at Schlüsseldienst Leipzig are specialists in the installation and replacement of locks and security technology.

You can also use our installation service to have a deadbolt, door viewer or locking system professionally installed.

To ensure a very good security standard, we only install high-quality brand products from ABUS, EVVA and ISEO.